"Sometimes he just gets carried away..."

Fitting together like the pieces of a jigsaw.

I in no way whatsoever at all (much as I'd love to) have anything to do with either of these legends. I'm just a fan.

I mock because I love and because sometimes it's just far too easy. Easier than taking candy from a baby (but maybe I just know viciously possessive babies).

Most of my screencaps come from perfectsixes on Livejournal. Anything that comes from a 'proper' website is done on a clicky clicky link. Other screencaps I try and remember to credit to their owners but please feel free to yell at me if I fail. And sometimes there are things I have on my puter I don't knwo the origin of, if you do, tell me. Simple solutions for a happier tumblelog. My main cap 'dealers' have their own hashtags, if you're gonna appropriate them plese credit them. It's only fair.

I like it when people submit the clicky click click submit button... just saying.

What's for dinner tonight?

Show me the goodies!
OH PRINCESS. Boy got issues.

OH PRINCESS. Boy got issues.

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